Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Post turns MCPS propaganda into "news"

Now that the real reporters have been taken off the Montgomery County education beat, the Washington Post "news" section can resume the paper’s cheerleading for our Great Superintendent. Reporter Daniel de Vise writes a non-story appearing on page one of today's Metro section: "Taking Aim at Portable Classrooms: Montgomery Reveals Plan to Reduce Temporary Structures."

The article is just a recycled press release from Superintendent Jerry Weast, with no attempt at fairness or balance. The article contains no comments critical of Weast’s policies that led to the cramped conditions. Not a word from parents, PTA leaders, or dissident School Board member Nancy Navarro (who has been on top of the problem for years but whom the Washington Post editorial page opposes for re-election because she is “insufficiently supportive” of Weast).