Thursday, May 11, 2006

Steve Abrams broke his word

In his spiteful attack on the Seven Locks community for the action of one person, school board member Steve "Abramoff" Abrams broke a major campaign promise.

Abrams was elected in 2004 after pledging to the community that athough he supported building the controversial Kendale school, he would save Seven Locks Elementary School at its present location.

He told the Gazette in October 22, 2004 issue, "I believe Seven Locks Elementary School should be retained even after the new Kentsdale [sic] facility is opened. It should be used to help reduce both class size and the utilization of portable classrooms in the cluster."

Abrams also criticized MCPS for poorly communicating with the Seven Locks community. The Gazette asked him, "How would you characterize the decision-making process about how to proceed on Seven Locks Elementary School? Is there anything you would like to do differently?"

Abrams replied, "I believe the school system could have communicated better with the community. The failure to do so has caused some unnecessary anxiety on both sides."

Presently Abrams is making campaign promises to all of Maryland as he pursues higher office to become the state comptroller.