Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A clash of views or a clash of values?

The Gazette reports an "ideological split" on the Montgomery Board of Education concerning the Seven Locks/Kendale scandal.

It shows Republican Steve "Abramoff" Abrams pitted against Democrats like Valerie Ervin.

Ideology has nothing to do with the crisis. Abrams is supporting a plan requested by County Executive Doug Duncan and implemented by Superintendent Jerry Weast, both Democrats. Abrams has attacked the inspector general, who found wrongdoing.

Abrams is strongly opposing Republican County Councilman Howard Denis' amendment to find a compromise between the school board and the community by building a new MCPS-desired school on the PTA-desired Seven Locks school site.

The PTA membership spans liberal Democrats to conservative Republicans, who are united on the issue. The Seven Locks Coalition and local community associations have similar diverse memberships, and are also united against the Duncan/Weast/Abrams plan.

So there's no partisanship here. The fight is between people who want accountablity in government versus officials who want impunity. Open agendas vs hidden agendas. Honesty and transparency vs something else.