Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MCPS outnumbered on County Council

The numbers show that MCPS will finally face scrutiny of its budget and operating practices. The IG's Kendale audit has caused a majority of the County Council to go on record as demanding real scrutiny of the school system, and now at least two school board members public agree.

"It is not possible for one council member or one committee to do the amount of oversight that is necessary," Councilman Phil Andrews says in the Washington Post.

Andrews' statement now places a full majority of the County Council in public agreement on MCPS scrutiny. Council President George Leventhal and members Marilyn Praisner, Nancy Floreen and Howard Denis were already on record. Councilman Tom Perez has warned that opposition to oversight makes it look like one has something to hide, so he is likely to support scrutiny as well.

Only two councilmen - Steve Silverman and Michael Subin, seated in the center of the photo - are in the irreconcilable opposition.

This blogger could find no public commitment from Councilman Mike Knapp (in top center of photo).

School board members are no longer a unified front. The Post reports, "At least two school board members, Valerie Ervin (Silver Spring) and Nancy Navarro (Northeastern County), agree that the council should have more oversight. They accuse Weast and other board members of making decisions without consulting the full board."

(Photo, top row: Leventhal, Andrews, Knapp, Perez, Denis. Seated: Praisner, Silverman, Subin, Floreen.)