Thursday, March 17, 2005

Elementary school mom to BoE: 'we think the worst about your motives'

The Board of Education's secretiveness about its apparent decision to tear down an elementary school and give the land to County Executive Doug Duncan for a high-density housing project has led local parents to question the board's motives.

"Without a coherent explanation we are left to think the worst about your motives, your backroom shenanigans and the politics," Potomac Elemetary mom Diana Conway told the board at its March 8 public question session.

"Little wonder the parents in the community think building Kendale means surplussing Seven Locks," she said, according to the Potomac Almanac. "So prove them wrong."

The newest board member, Republican Steve Abrams, tried to do just that by proposing a 10-year moratorium on any action against Seven Locks School. His colleagues rebuffed him.