Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"All we want is respect"

This letter to the editor appeared in the Gazette on March 16, 2005:

Parents and taxpayers get no respect:

* When they complain about school decisions that excluded citizen input, they're accused of "bullying" their elected politicians.

* When they hear of developers having more pull with school officials than parents and taxpayers, they're told to ignore "urban legends."

* When they attempt to force schools to follow their own procedures, the schools eliminate the procedures entirely.

* When they try to hold onto school land to serve the thousands of housing units being built, they're told the schools need "latitude."

* When they want to testify before elected bodies to express their concerns, they're told the elected politicians don't want to waste time with public hearings.

Isn't it time our schools and elected officials gave parents and taxpayers the respect we are due?