Saturday, March 11, 2006

Editorial: Don't trust them

Blogger's commentary: The recent retreat by the school board, superintendent, and elements of the County Council on the Seven Locks/Kendale issue doesn't mean the community should believe the officials when they say they want a look at other options.

The school system didn't keep its word after a federal judge ordered it to reverse its divisive "veggie sex" program, even when officials signed a written agreement with parent groups.

There's no reason why anybody should expect Superintendent Weast, the Board of Education, MCPS official Hawes or others to start being fair or truthful this late in the game. The whole process is riddled with wrongdoing, and no amount of "let bygones be bygones" sentiment should obscure that fact.

Many officials, elected and appointed, have misused their power and abused entire communities. They have lost the public trust. They can never earn it back.