Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rebuffing MCPS, Potomac PTA & Seven Locks PTA favor saving SLES

The PTA groups at the two schools most affected by the Kendale project might differ on whether or not to build the Kendale school, but they agree that Seven Locks Elementary School should be saved.

That certainly contradicts the repeated protestations from MCPS that the plan to build Kendale at the expense of Seven Locks had strong community support.

"The Potomac Elementary PTA supports retaining Seven Locks and building a new school on Kendale Road," Ken Millstone reports in the Potomac Almanac. "The Seven Locks PTA supports a one-phase modernization and addition at Seven Locks, with the school’s students using a holding school for one year. Both PTAs oppose giving up school land for housing or other non-educational purposes.