Monday, January 09, 2006

Weast supports budget-busting Kendale school bid

Superintendent Jerry Weast has selected a contractor to build the "Seven Locks Elementary Replacement School," even though the bid is 20 percent higher than budgeted.

In a resolution he submitted to the Board of Education for consideration January 10, Weast gave no indication of cost-consciousness and asked the board to appropriate the extra money to build the school.

The bidding opened October 25 - coincidentally Doug Duncan's 50th birthday.

Henley Construction won the low bid at $15,978,300, even though it is 20 percent higher than the county had budgeted, and it does not meet the county's minority participation requirements.

Losing bidders include: Dustin Construction, $16,071,500; Tuckman-Barbee Construction, $16,793,000; and William F. Klingensmith, Inc., $17,351,444.