Tuesday, January 24, 2006

After ignoring PTA of Seven Locks, Duncan now says he wants to work with PTAs

County Executive Doug Duncan's spokesman says the candidate for governor wants to work with Montgomery County Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) on the modernization of existing schools and the construction of new ones.

Duncan's proposed six-year capital budget for county schools has alarmed PTA leaders. "This impacts everybody, because once you throw the schedule off, everyone who's in the queue knows it's going to affect everyone else," said Montgomery County Council of PTAs President Cindy Kerr.

Duncan's spokesman, David Weaver, tells the Washington Post, "This isn't the final word on the schools budget. We want to work with the PTAs and the council and the state delegation."

This is news to the Seven Locks Elementary School PTA, which has voted repeatedly against Duncan's plan to shut down the school and build a more expensive replacement on Kendale Road in Potomac.

"If Duncan is serious about working with local PTAs and making his budget more realistic," one Seven Locks PTA member tells this blogger, "he should heed the wishes of the Seven Locks PTA, which will save taxpayer money while improving the interests of county kids."