Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tokar on core requirements of 640 and 740

The following is a memorandum from James Tokar, MCPS project manager for the Seven Locks "replacement" school, responding to a SLES parent's questions about requirements for core student bodies of 640 and 740.

Responses to Questions:

Which elementary schools in the county have been designed for a core of 740 students?

Response: The following elementary schools are being designed with a 740 core: Galway, College Gardens, Northwest #7, and Clarksburg #7. Since 2001, all of our new or replacement elementary schools (Glen Haven, Lakewood, and Spark Matsunaga) have been built with a core of 740.

Can you please provide me with the county's (Adrienne's definition) of what "building to a core of 740" means?

Response: MCPS builds elementary schools with either a 640 or a 740 core. The core of the building includes the “common” spaces such as the Media Center, the Multi-Purpose Room, and the Administrative Suite. The aforementioned “common” areas are larger in a 740 core to accommodate the potential student enrollment of 740 students.

2. How does this definition differ from the prior FAA requirements to only build an elementary school to a MAXIMUM CAPACITY of 550 students?

Response: The Board of Education’s Long-Range Educational Facilities Planning FAA Policy states in Section C, Number 5, Subsection (a) that a preferred range of enrollment for schools is two to four classes per grade of students in an elementary school. That equates to 588 students in kindergarten through Grade 5, not including special education classrooms. The section continues with “Departures from the preferred range may occur if educational program justifies or requires it.” Furthermore the section states that “Fiscal constraints may also require MCPS to build schools of other sizes.” There is no prior FAA requirement that states elementary schools can only be built at a maximum capacity of 550 students.

3. What are the core building requirements for a 550 core school?

Response: As previously stated, MCPS builds elementary schools with either a core for 640 or 740 students.

4. I would like a side by side comparison of how the two core designs differ. Line by line on the specifications please.

Response: The square footage differences between a 640 and 740 core are listed below:
Media Center

(640 Core) 1800 Sq.Ft.
(740 Core) 2100 Sq.Ft.
Sq.Ft. Difference: 300

Media Storage
(640 Core) 400
(740 Core) 500
Sq.Ft. Difference: 100

General Office
(640 Core) 375
(740 Core) 500
Sq.Ft. Difference 125

(640 Core) 300
(740 Core) 350
Sq.Ft. Difference 50

Multipurpose Room
(640 Core) 3200
(740 Core) 3700
Sq.Ft. Difference 500

Chair Storage
(640 Core) 150
(740 Core) 200
Sq.Ft. Difference 50

Table Storage
(640 Core) 150
(740 Core) 200
Sq.Ft. Difference 50

Dual Purpose Room (Flexible Space)
(640 Core) 0
(740 Core) 1000
Sq.Ft. difference 1000
(640 Core) 6375 Sq.Ft.
(740 Core) 8550 Sq.Ft.
Sq.Ft. Difference 2175